Friday, 8 January 2016

General English - Questions & Answers - 1

1. Choose the correct word
(a) Grammer (b) Gramer
(c) Gramar (d) Grammar
Answer: (d)

2. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘Menace’:
(a) Threat (b) Request
(c) Prayer (d) Curse
Answer: (d)

3. I have not seen my brother …… six months.
(a) since (b) for  (c) in  (d) from
Answer: (b)

4. One who supports the claims of women for rights:
(a) Womanish (b) Feminist
(c) Pessimist (d) Feminize
Answer: (b)

5. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘Economical’:
(a) Extravagant (b) Wealthy
(c) Thrifty (d) Lavish
Answer: (c)

6. This juice is made ….. fresh oranges.
(a) of  (b) by (c) with (d) from
Answer: (d)

7. To be extremely interesting:
(a) Captivate (b) Capture
(c) Cantankerous (d) Dazzling
Answer: (a)

8. Choose the wrongly spelt word:
(a) Transgress (b) Total
(c) Tresspass (d) Train
Answer: (c)

9. It …… heavily when I woke up yesterday.
(a) is raining (b) was raining
(c) has been raining (d) had been raining
Answer: (b)

10. It was with great difficulty he gained entry into the auditorium, but he made a sudden ……
(a) exit (b) departure
(c) arrival (d) passage
Answer: (a)

11. Roshan was so absorbed ….. his work that he didn’t even raise his head.
(a) on      (b) at      (c) in    (d) by
Answer: (c)

12. Since 1980 women’s fashions.... a lot.
(a) changed (b) have changed
 (c) are changing (d) will have changed
Answer: (b)

13. The old man was too weak to travel ….. himself.
(a) for      (b) on      (c) with     (d) by
Answer: (d)

14. The thieves not only robbed the travelers ……. , beat them up.
(a) but   (b) and   (c) also (d) but also
Answer: (d)

15. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘Profound’:
(a) Mysterious (b) Profitable
(c) Deep (d) Complex
Answer: (c)