Friday, 8 January 2016

General English - Questions & Answers - 2

16. By this time tomorrow, I …….. this job.
(a) will finish (b) shall finish
(c) will have finished (d) will be finishing
Answer: (c)

17. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Accademy (b) Academy
(c) Acadamy (d)  Accadamy
Answer: (b)

18. My brother is good ….. boxing.
(a) in  (b) with  (c) at  (d) about
Answer: (c)

19. The opposite of the word ‘Cheap’ is:
(a) Uncheap (b) Dear
(c) Expensive (d) Unavailable
Answer: (c)

20. The wind blew …….. the leaves fell.
(a) when  (b) with  (c) and  (d) so
Answer: (c)

21. They are not …… all the facts.
(a) beware of (b) aware for
(c) aware of (d) beware for
Answer: (c)

22. What …….. you…… when I knocked at the door
(a) were, doing (b) have, done (c) (d) will, do
Answer: (a)

23. I shall come ….. Easter.|
(a) for  (b) at  (c) on (d) during
Answer: (c)

24. I will find you ……. you may be hiding.
(a) what (b) wherever
(c) in which (d) whichever
Answer: (b)

25. Rabia could not ……. her fear of spiders.
(a) put off (b) put in
(c) put up (d)  put away
Answer: (d)

26. The ……of the ass is not sweet at all.
(a) roaring (b) screeching
(c) braying (d) howling
Answer: (c)

27. The family had lived …… for several years:
(a) abroad (b) in abroad
(c) in the abroad (d) on the abroad
Answer: (a)

28. The pride of the … the glory of God.
(a) Cat  (b) Peacock
(c) Rat (d) Dandy
Answer: (b)

29. The word which is more or less similar in meaning to ‘FOREFEITURE’ is:
(a) Cinema (b) Loss
(c) Cancellation (d) Defeat
Answer: (c)

30. The wrongly spelt word is :
(a) Glazier (b) Glazed
(c) Glacial (d) Geology

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